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Our Frequency Technology Products were designed for EMF Protection and to give you additional Strength, Balance, and Energy. However, as you can see below, MANY people love our products because of the additional benefits you may experience when your body is protected from EMF!

Video Testimonials

“Before he even said what it did…my pain was really greatly diminished…”
Debbie, Iowa State Fair
“I have not had any trouble since I put these on.”
Cathy, Texas State Fair
“I’m not taking my sleep meds, my arthritis pain is gone…”
Gaye Otten, Iowa State Fair
“The pain disappeared from my thumb as soon as I put on their bracelet.”
Joyce, Iowa State Fair
“We are sleeping like babies, without pain.”
Jolene Scott, Iowa State Fair
“I have arthritis…there’s no pain, it’s just gone. “
Robert & Alma, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Written Testimonials

I received the bracelet you sent today. Thank you so much! I have the highest regards for you and your Company. I appreciate all you have done and will be telling my family and friends about your great products and the service you gave. Thank you so very much. Best regards,
Amy Higgins
I am a 60 year old male who has a total destroyed rotator cuff on my right arm. Five years ago I fell on the ice and totally tore up my rotator cuff! The recommended repair was a full rotator cuff surgery which my schedule at that time did not allow me the luxury of taking the time for surgery and the 6 to 8 week rehab. I was in so much pain that I selected to have the damaged portion of the cuff removed at the risk of loss of functionality and eliminating the opportunity for future repair. In retrospect that was a poor decision because as the years went by the functionality decreased and the majority of the pain returned! Until I met you about a month ago! I put on a bracelet which I bought from you in your Exhibit at The Big E in West Springfield MA. I have gotten tremendous relief from my pain and have been able to resume 60% functionality from my right arm!
Steven Graziano
I was pretty skeptical about how using a simple rubber band bracelet would help me have more energy. But to my surprise they really work. You have not only helped me have more energy but also helped my significant other. He had a bad shoulder that was causing him a lot of pain. It has made a great difference. After six years I am finally able to sleep on his shoulder again. Thanks, you’re a miracle!!
Michelle Towns
I decided to purchase a bracelet that resonates with what is known as the “frequency of earth.” It is considered to be the most natural frequency our bodies relate to.

I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia and Depression for many years and have been taking antidepressants for more than 10 years. I explained my condition to you and you immediately told me to try wearing the bracelet for a few minutes and see how I feel. After 5 minutes, I felt a tingling sensation and warmth throughout my body. You told me that it’s a good sign and the bracelet is working. Then you told me I will become a brand new woman after wearing the bracelet for a week. I was very skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true, but I decided to try it. After a few days passed, I continued to feel the warm sensation/energy throughout my body. To my surprise, after three days of wearing the bracelet, I no longer felt depressed. I also felt like I had more energy and I no longer had joint pains from Fibromyalgia.

I was also suffering from a terrible “brain fog,” mental fatigue, and I was easily stressed out. After a few days I noticed my mind had become very clear and my cognitive functions became much better. I started feeling mentally stronger and felt my brain fog cleared up.

I just can’t believe that after only 2 weeks of wearing this bracelet, I was able to stop taking my antidepressant medications completely. I also did not have any nasty withdrawal symptoms. It has been a few years now since I have started wearing this bracelet. It has become a very important part part of my life, and I can not live without it.

I am still living in good spirits today, and I feel so fortunate that you were able to introduce me to this product. I am so grateful that I can finally feel better from all the suffering Fibromyalgia and Depression has tormented me with in the past. I feel this is a great alternative from using medications.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from physical and emotional pain. Thank you very much.

Aiko Enomoto
My husband and I met you at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego in June and he was ready to have both knees replaced due to damage and pain and he bought one of your bracelets in hope to calm the pain before his fall surgery. As it turned out, the pain diminished so much, he has cancelled his surgery and we are on our way to a nephew’s destination wedding in Ixtapa, Mexico in November instead. Much more fun. He may need to have his knees replaced sometime in the future, but for now he is relying on the bracelet and it is doing the job. We are very satisfied with it’s effect as well as your help in getting this made. Thanks so much.
Gaetana and Mike Patton

In August my husband and I visited the Iowa State Fair. As we were walking around I stumbled upon your booth. I was curious and as I listened I became very interested. My daughter who is 20 years old suffers from hand tremors. We have seen 6 – 8 doctors, 2 chiropractors, a medical neurologist, and a chiropractic neurologist. All of these with no answers. The shaking continued.

After receiving the bracelet I gave it to my daughter. Within one hour of wearing it the shaking stopped. She is going on two months now with no shaking. This is the first solution she has found. It has been amazing. I am so very thankful that I stopped by your booth.

Yet I also need to share with you that this company is so concerned about helping people that I received this particular bracelet for free. I cant share enough praise with you the full impact this bracelet has made on my daughters life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeanna Yochum



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